A Community of Men


The Team


All Kings is a community-based and community-led project. Meet some of our core organizing team and lead facilitators.


Gethin Aldous / Producer

Gethin Aldous is film and video game maker who believes in the power of story to transform lives. He was co-director and executive producer of The Work documentary, winning a UK Grierson Award for Best International Doc and Best Cinema Doc. He has also been honored with a Ron Herring Award by the Mankind Project USA. Gethin has been involved in men's work for over a decade and has staffed group therapy retreats at Folsom Prison with Inside Circles and Massachusetts Correctional Institution at Norfolk with the Jericho Circle.


Dr. James McCleary / Lead Trainer

James is a deeply experienced wisdom holder and expert facilitator whose leadership has been a critical force driving the growth and success of programs at both Folsom State Prison and San Quentin State Prison. He is the executive producer of the documentary, The Work, as well as the CEO of Inside Circle Foundation. He brings deep expertise in group process work and its application in varied settings.


Michael Boyle / Director of Formation

As a psychotherapist and student of mythology in the early nineties Michael worked closely with storyteller Michael Meade and archetypal psychologist James Hillman, using myth and story for personal transformation. He has since co-led retreats with Robert Bly, Richard Olivier and Dr. Robert Moore among others. He is a certified leader within the ManKind Project in UK and the founder of A Band of Brothers, a UK-based charity working with disaffected youth. As a Founding Associate of Olivier Mythodrama, an arts based leadership consultancy, Michael facilitates an extensive range of corporate client groups worldwide.


Eldra Jackson III / Lead Trainer

Eldra Jackson III is a spiritual warrior who lives a passion of "saving lives one circle at a time." After living most of his life devoid of emotions and coming face-to-face with the reality of dying behind bars, he came to a point of self-inquiry, seeking answers as to how his life had spiraled into a mass of destruction set upon self and others. Featured in the documentary, The Work, he serves today as the Co-Executive Director of Inside Circle. His talk at TedX Women on learning to heal from unhealthy masculinity has over 1 million views.


Kevin Duncan Wall / Organizing Director

Kevin Duncan Wall is a writer and organizer based in New York City. He is a co-founding member of GroundShift, a retreat for activists and artists, and Soulful Supper, a biweekly dinner conversation about contemporary spirituality. As a writer, his work has appeared in the New York Times, Salon, and Lincoln Center magazine. His book, The Ordinary Acrobat: Inside the Wondrous World of the Circus, Past & Present, was named a Kirkus Reviews Non-Fiction Book of the Year. He currently studies as a chaplain at Bellevue Hospital where he works with the Rikers Island medical and psychiatric units.


Ismael Igartua M.P.S. / Outreach Lead

Ismael Igartua is a Vocational Counselor with Housing Works (Reentry Initiatives) and an advisory board member of The Osborne Center for Justice Across Generations and the Parole Preparation Project. He speaks nationally to shine truth on the legislative issues affecting the children of incarcerated persons, the the condition of the elderly during incarceration, and the experience of men returning to their communities. While serving 29 years of incarceration in New York State, he earned a B.A. from Skidmore University and a Master’s Degree from New York Theological Seminary.