A Community of Men


A diverse community

of 21st-century men.

Vulnerable, powerful, & real.


Our Story

Every year over 100,000 young men are released from incarceration in the US, often returning to their communities traumatized and alone. Once home, they are treated often like criminals, stigmatized by family members, parole officers, by police. ALL KINGS heals these wounds of domination, isolation, and injustice by cultivating an authentic community of men.

Unique among rehabilitation programs, we place mutual healing at the center of our model, by bringing the young men into community with local men, to inspire each other and grow.  The program consists of four pillars:

  1. The Quest -- a 2-day residential workshop for young men ages 18-28, in which an inner journey of healing is reframed as a search for identity and purpose

  2. Beyond the Hero -- An adult adaptation of The Quest for potential mentors, in which each adult man from the community can discover and clarify his own power and wisdom

  3. Mentorship Program -- A twelve-week mentorship program, in which men from the community help young men integrate and build on the lessons of the weekend.

  4. Work Circles -- Weekly “work circles” provide the opportunity for the men, young and old, to examine their challenges and grow together.

All Kings was inspired by A Band of Brothers, a UK-based non-profit co-founded in 2009 in Brighton, England by Michael Boyle (All Kings Director of Formation). Since the founding, A Band of Brothers communities have been formed in twelve cities, with over 1000 men participating.

Our model is holistic and relational, drawing on contemporary techniques of relational group work, somatic awareness, depth psychology, and creative practice. We believe that the greatest challenge facing men is the sense of shame and disconnection that our prison system perpetuates -- disconnection from self, disconnection from others.

A study of A Band of Brothers conducted in 2016 showed an 82% reduction in recidivism for men had completed this program.