A Community of Men

Staff Donations

Staff Donations


All Kings is a non-profit, volunteer-powered community. Our work is sustained through mutual aid: we help each other grow and thrive without economic incentive.

Of course, some funding is necessary. For this reason, we ask all staff and mentors to contribute $150 to cover their food and lodging for an away weekend. For in town trainings, we ask men to contribute $50.

Through these contributions of older men in our community, we can insure all younger men can participate. We also believe that by funding our own work as a community, we can be responsible to ourselves, rather than to outside sources. All donations are tax-deductible.

That said, we know a man’s wage has no relationship to his ability to serve our community. And that all men — regardless of age — have different access to financial resources and different relationships to paid work. If this level of financial contribution is not possible for you right now, please write us at duncan@allkings.org. We’ll make it work.