A Community of Men


Call for Mentors & Team

We are currently seeking mentors and team members for our 2019 pilot community in Harlem, New York.

Please see below for details about the roles. Click here to apply. Questions? Write to duncan@allkings.org.

How does All Kings work?

Unique among rehabilitation programs, we place mutual healing at the center of our model by bringing young men into community with local men, to inspire each other and grow. Our belief is that authentic and vulnerable men will naturally teach each other.

The program consists of three pillars:

  • The Quest -- a 2-day rites of passage residential workshop, in which an inner journey of healing is framed as a search for identity and purpose

  • Mentorship Program -- A twelve-week mentorship program, in which men from the community help young men integrate and build on the lessons of the weekend

  • Work Circles -- Weekly “work circles” provide the opportunity for the men, young and old, to examine their challenges and grow together

We are currently seeking mentors and crew for our initial pilot program, to launch this summer in New York City. Please see the roles below.


We are looking for a group of 15-20 men to serve as the “team” for the initial Quest weekend. As a team member you will be helping prepare for the weekend, and holding space for the new mentors and younger men as they come through. Being on the team is a great way to help launch All Kings community, learn the model and our processes, and learn from our lead trainers. As a team member, you are not required to serve as a mentor after the weekend, though you may if you want.

Team commitments:

  • Attend two evening meetings in NYC (May 20 & June 27)

  • Attend a preparatory weekend training in NYC (August 3-4)

  • Attend the Quest weekend (September 6-8)

We ask that team members pay for their own food and lodging on the weekend -- $150. Scholarships are available, and no team member will be turned away for lack of funds.


Intergenerational relationship is the backbone of the All Kings community. As a mentor, you will be a young man’s base of support, his guide, and his primary contact to the community.

Our mentorship curriculum is based on a 12-week model, beginning with the initiatory Quest weekend. As a mentor, you will attend the weekend to experience your own introduction to our work and community. One of our core principles is that we never ask a young man to do anything that we haven’t already done ourselves.

Following the weekend, you will enter the community, and begin the preparation to mentor a young man on the next weekend (May 2020) and during the 12-week cycle after.

Mentors meet with their mentees for 1 hour per week in Harlem. Each meeting has a different purpose and structure, based on an accredited curriculum. To support you through the mentoring process, you’ll be given an advisor, an experienced mentor from A Band of Brothers, our partner organization in England. This advisor will be available to help you structure your experiences with your mentee and navigate any difficult situations that come up.

After the Quest weekend, we will also be running weekly “work circles” in Harlem. These are spaces for men in the community to share, reflect, and grow. As a future mentor we ask that you be available to attend at least twice per month. In December, at the end of 12 weeks, we will celebrate together in Harlem. This will mark the full initiation of this cohort of young men into the community, and their opportunity to begin serving the community in other roles.

Mentor commitments:

  • Attend the Quest weekend (September 7-9)

  • Attend the weekly meeting 2 times per month in Harlem

  • Be open to future mentor training so that you might guide a man on a future training

Interested mentors can also attend the preparatory team weekend in New York City and all team meetings. We ask that mentors pay for their own food and lodging on the weekend -- $150. Scholarships are available, and no mentor will be turned away for lack of funds.


Questions? Write to duncan@allkings.org

Duncan Wall