A Community of Men


Our NYC pilot program

In early September 2019, after a year of planning, and several more of dreaming, we’ll be launching our pilot program in New York City. To prepare for the weekend, we’re recruiting our first core team of community men, to help hold space and guide our initial class of 15-20 young men.

The staff will be recruited from the greater NYC area. Men will be offered their own 2-day, immersive personal development weekend — “Beyond the Hero” — as well as training in facilitation and mentorship.

Our lead trainers for the pilot weekend will be founder of A Band of Brothers UK, Michael Boyle, as well as Dr. James McCleary and Eldra Jackson III. (Read about them all on our Team page.)

For our launch site, we’ve chosen Camp Hilltop, a family-owned camp in Hancock, New York.

Stay tuned for details about how you can participate.

Duncan Wall