A Community of Men


A project of mutual aid


All Kings is a non-profit, volunteer-powered community. Our work is sustained through mutual aid: we help each other grow and thrive without economic incentive.

Of course, some funding is necessary. For this reason, we ask men in the community who are well-resourced to contribute, and we accept outside contributions.

Through these contributions, we can insure that any young man can participate free of charge. We also believe that by funding our own work as a community, we can be responsible to ourselves, rather than to outside sources. All donations are tax-deductible.

That said, we know a person’s wage has no relationship to their ability to serve our community. And that we all have different access to financial resources and different relationships to paid work. If you want to contribute in ways that are non-monetary (e.g. skills, time, connections), please reach out to duncan@allkings.org. We appreciate all forms of support.